Pioneering sales intelligence in FMCG
salesBeat's AI driven platform uses micro & macro factors to model consumer buying behaviour and makes predictive recommendations of optimal order volumes for your sales people to agree with customers. So you never lose a consumer.
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Increase sales team revenues by 30%

Take advantage of unplanned sales opportunites through Beat's recommendations:

  • on order volumes based on what consumers want & when
  • by SKU & by customer based on the sizes consumers want & the channels they shop at
  • on new sales opportunities & listings for timely action

Know what consumers want before they want it

Optimize promotions

Promotional calculators with built in machine learning give recommendations on:

  • customer specific consumer demographics
  • timing of promotion
  • historical promotional performance

All of this in an easy to use predictive calculator

Effective use of sales person's time

More effective use of time by:

  • eliminating wasted time interpreting data
  • providing instant & up-to-date market insights
  • increasing focus on execution

More time for customers

Manage your team more effectively

Optimise sales meetings & eliminate time spent only on updates through:

  • timely sales actions generated by the AI behind Beat
  • tracking expected sales vs targets in real time
  • monitor progress on sales actions

Freeing up time for one-to-one coaching & sales strategy

Option for easy customization

Customize sales actions:

  • Easily customizable for brands, company values & ways of selling
  • Translate top level strategy into sales actions
  • Easy to use interface for internal operations driven sales insights

Enabling data teams, HR & strategy teams to influence sales actions

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  • Data driven recommendations
  • market & competitor insights
  • Unlimited sales teams
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  • Data driven recommendations
  • Market & competitor insights
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