History rarely repeats itself. So why should historical data dictate FMCG sales?
Introducing Beat, an AI driven sales intelligence app for FMCG sales teams that consolidates consumer decision making into sales actions and eliminates lost sales due to out of stock.
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Increase sales team revenues by 30%

Eliminate stock outs & missed opportunities through Beat's recommendations:

  • on order volumes based on what consumers want & when
  • by SKU & by customer based on the sizes consumers want & the channels they shop at
  • on new sales opportunities & listings for timely action

Know what consumers want before they want it

Optimize promotions

Promotional calculators with built in machine learning give recommendations on:

  • customer specific consumer demographics
  • timing of promotion
  • historical promotional performance

All of this in an easy to use predictive calculator

Effective use of sales person's time

More effective use of time by:

  • eliminating wasted time interpreting data
  • providing instant & up-to-date market insights
  • increasing focus on execution

More time for customers

Manage your team more effectively

Optimise sales meetings & eliminate time spent only on updates through:

  • timely sales actions generated by the AI behind Beat
  • tracking expected sales vs targets in real time
  • monitor progress on sales actions

Freeing up time for one-to-one coaching & sales strategy

Option for easy customization

Customize sales actions:

  • Easily customizable for brands, company values & ways of selling
  • Translate top level strategy into sales actions
  • Easy to use interface for internal operations driven sales insights

Enabling data teams, HR & strategy teams to influence sales actions

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Empower your sales team to beat sales targets with Beat.

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